Our African cities must now turn to a more sustainable development model. They have to address social inequalities, the effects of climate change and a somewhat anarchic and non-inclusive approach to urban planning.

It is therefore urgent to think about a more “sustainable” city, a term that is nowadays unavoidable, at the risk of being often overused, or always limited to its “green” acceptance...

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We call on you:
entrepreneurs, innovators, citizens, ...
to propose solutions to the challenges of our mutable cities.

The challenges are multiple and diverse. We identified 2 of them for which we ask for your contribution!

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Bank as a Platform

New services (financial or not) for citizens in mutable cities

Increasingly impacted by social inequalities, the effects of climate change and uncontrolled and poorly inclusive urban planning, cities must now turn to a more sustainable development model. They will soon be concentrating three quarters of the world's population, it is essential to rethink them taking into account the specificities of each territory, and seek both economic performance, circularity and inclusiveness. What role can the bank play in this complexly changing urban landscape?

Innovative mobile payment services already exist, and reflections towards the integration of Fintech solutions are underway. Other solutions could be envisaged, such as access to micro-credit or crowdfunding. But can it go further? Integrate other services and products that meet the challenges of more sustainable cities? What if we used digital technology to reinvent the role of bank in our cities and neighborhoods in transition? Free your creativity, forget the constraints and imagine with us the bank of more sustainable cities!

  • What types of financial products or services should be associated with traditional banking offers? (mobile money, micro-credit, crowdfunding, crowdlending...)
  • Located in the heart of cities, how the bank can meet the expectations of citizens thanks to digital technology?
  • How to transform the bank agency into a place for meetings and exchanges between the different actors of the city? What products or services should be included to transform them into a place of convergence? What design should be adopted to achieve these goals?
  • How can the bank support some of the pillars of the sustainable city: circularity and resource management, access for all to health, education, etc.?



Cultivate Digital

Agritech for sustainable landscapes

Nearly 40% of Africans lives in cities and this population will double over the next 25 years to reach one billion inhabitants by 2040. One of the main challenges that citizen will have to face is related to food security.

How to feed 1 billion people in a sustainable way? How the expansion of cities and changes in the agricultural profession and methods will be articulated?

The agricultural sector represents an essential part of African countries’ economies. However, it still faces significant challenges in terms of productivity due to a lack of training, technologies, appropriate infrastructure and diversification of agricultural models.

In this context of under-exploitation, the opportunity is to develop and disseminate on a large scale, solutions which combine traditional knowledge with advanced techniques and technologies, while considering the impact of increasing urbanization.

Digital technology has a real potential to boost agricultural productivity, to structure this sector more efficiently and sustainably, to encourage the development of agricultural initiatives in urban and peri- urban areas, but also to make this ancestral profession more attractive to younger generations.

We call on you to cultivate new ideas and innovative projects that meet the agricultural sector challenges in our continent !



Step 1
From August the 23th to September the 30th

Ideation and call for projects

1. Submit an innovative project or idea that meets one of the Hackathon’s challenges

2. Be eligible for the selection criteria

3. Convince us of the relevance of your project by completing the registration through the following link, before September 30th :

Submit your idea

Step 2
From the 26th to the 28th of October in

A Bootcamp & a Hackathon in Real life

At the end of the first stage, 6 teams will be selected and invited in Casablanca (Morocco) by Société Générale's HackLab Afrique to participate in:

An immersive Bootcamp: a moment of exchange and sharing, to boost your teams’ strengths and challenge your ideas and solutions thanks to the sharp support of inspiring mentors and experts.

A Hackathon in Real Life: a moment for the teams to work hard and finalize the prototype that will presented to the final jury.

Step 3
28 octobre

The Final Jury

On October 28th in the afternoon, the 6 teams will be invited to pitch their project in front of a prestigious jury.

The pitch will be an oral presentation and a demonstration of the technical solution. A support to pitch techniques will be provided for those who wish.

The jury will then choose 2 winning projects, and the 2 winning teams will be announced at the opening evening of the Festival Futur.e.s in Africa.


August the 23th Call for projects launching
September the 30th Start of the selection process
From October the 8th to October the 15th Selected teams will be announced
From October the 28th to October the 26th Bootcamp & Hackathon in Casablanca
October the 28th Final Jury. The 2 winning projects will be announced during the opening evening of the Festival Futur.e.s in Africa
October the 29th Festival Futur.e.s in Africa


An acceleration program within Société Générale’s HackLab Afrique in order to further develop your project in one or more African countries in which Société Générale is present

An invitation to present your project during the Africa-France Summit which will be held in Bordeaux on June the 5 th and and 6 th 2020 in presence of several international high-level guests as well as the Board members of the Société Générale Group

How to participate ?

1. Submit your project/Idea

Submit your idea

2. Eligibility Criteria; Your project has to :

  • Be in accordance with the Hackathon’s challenges and purpose
  • Include at least one technological element (IoT, automated process, Al, etc.)
  • Be relevant in a context of ecological and energy transition
  • Your team has to be composed of minimum 2 members
    (at least one being an IT expert)

3. Check regularly your email account in case we need to reach you for additional information

4. If you are selected, make sure to be available from the 26th to the 29th of October to attend the Bootcamp and the Hackathon. Your attendance is mandatory to participate in the competition.

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